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Why knowing your style personality can save you money & make you more confident

I love assessing a client’s style personality. This ensures you express your personality through your clothing - so you feel more ‘you’ and you feel much more confident. At the end of the day I'm in the confidence business, not the retail. Knowing your style personality can also can save you money. It ensures that you don't buy things that sit in your wardrobe rarely warn because you don't feel comfortable in them.

So for example, as a fashion victim I may be tempted to buy a Chanel style cropped jacket. As it's 'in' I'll feel happy wearing it one season, but when it's not en vogue any more I won't pull it out to wear as it just doesn't feel like me. That's because I'm a more natural creative style personality and not a classic. So if I put that jacket on over a pair of jeans I'd feel like I was dressing up. So I'll obviously 'need' to buy another jacket. Instead I bought a leopard print jacket that is much more fitting to a creative style which is super comfy (a natural style personality) and I wear it dressed up and dressed down. My price per wear has literally been pennies.

Knowing your style personality can often mean rethinking wearing something in a different way. So the Princess of Cambridge shows how to do this - changing how a dress has been originally styled by the designer (more creatively with edgy shoes and accessories) into a more classic style (with her wedges, belt and classic handbag). She is more comfortable as now it’s more authentically her.

How you wear your clothes tells people a lot about you. Your style personality even encompasses your make up and your shoes. Yes your shoe choices can reveal a lot about your style personality. Here's something a little light hearted to make you think which style personality are you? Have a little nosey at the shoe options to see what your favourite style reveals about you.

1) Creative

You don't follow the crowds, preferring to do your own thing. You love to create unique looks and will feel very much at home in these fabulous silver Toms that you'll no doubt wear with something fabulous.

2) Dramatic

You're the fashionista amongst your friends. You love following trends and will seek out the 'it' thing of the moment. Furry leopardskin slip ons will do nicely thank you.

3) Romantic

You love everything pretty and detail is your thing. These St Tropez inspired flip-flops will no doubt win your heart.

4) Classic

Your preferred look is smart and classic so a timeless Chanel style pump in a neutral colour is just the job.

5) Natural

Feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important factor, so a pair of no-fuss Birkenstocks will see you through lockdown and beyond.

6) City Chic

You tend to follow trends rather than high fashion and invest in items that are stylish and timeless. A classic pair of designer looking mules will be your preferred option.

Do you know your style personality?

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