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Colour blocking is going to be HUGE this summer.

And proof that it doesn't date, here's Victoria Beckham (wearing Victoria Beckham unsurprisingly!) in 2016.

Now take inspiration from your style icons but don't be a sheep! Victoria has a strong look and can carry bolder colours. If you are more Kylie, you may want to tone down the strength of the two shades. The inauguration ladies rocked it in colour blocking last month - in so many different ways.

Here is some inspiration to achieve the best red and blue colour blocking look this season:

Lights: Opt for delicate shades (particularly next to your face). Light Apricot and Cornflower will look amazing on you.

Deeps: The stronger the better, to balance your much more dramatic look. Bittersweet and Dark Navy are perfect.

Warms: Balance your look by choosing colours with a warm undertone. Tangerine will warm up your Navy (it’s Light Navy here).

Cools: Pinky-reds will look amazing against your cool skin tone. Cassis and Dark Navy are a match made in heaven.

Clears: Choose bold, strong colours with some contrast. True red and True Blue will be 'true' to you. And wear colours that reflect the light for maximum impact.

Softs: Wear your colour blocking shades tonally (that is, colours of a similar depth). A lovely soft Geranium and Charcoal Blue will look dreamy on you.

Don't know your colour palette? Please shout.

Happy Colour Blocking.


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