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By showing you what is special about your natural colouring and build, and by taking your personality and lifestyle into account, a consultation will give you simple guidelines to help you make the correct choices, faster and make you feel more confident in and outside of work.

Whether you fancy an image restyle due to a change in work, or for in your personal life, I can help. Personal shopping is very popular for my male clients as I can preselect clothing to maximise your outfit and wardrobe choices - ensuring you look like you but a better version.

Full image consultation

  • selecting and combining shades that complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance for formal and casual wear

  • identifying the best clothing styles, cuts and fabrics for your build and your lifestyle

  • developing a co-ordinated wardrobe, ensuring that you get value for money out of any clothing investments

  • how your hair, accessories and eye-wear can affect your image

allow 2 hours


including 42 colour swatches, and bespoke style notes 

Fashion Photography
men image knit & check trousers.jpeg
men image knit & check trousers.jpeg

colour analysis

  • which shades complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance

  • how to combine colours and patterns for formal and casual wear

  • the best colour options for shirts, ties and jackets

  • how colours influence the way you look and feel, as well as how others respond to you

allow 60 mins


including your personal 42 colour swatches

wardrobe edit

  • lifestyle analysis to ensure your wardrobe fits your life

  • style personality analysis so your wardrobe really reflects you authentically

  • removing all the pieces that don't fit your lifestyle or style personality

  • working pieces you already have into new outfits & identifying gaps

  • identifying basics to give true flexibility

allow 2 1/2 hours


including bespoke notes with suggested labels and identified wardrobe gaps 

Jackets on the Hanger Bar
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