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A friend and I went to Moo, not really knowing what to expect,  but as soon as we meet her, Moo’s warmth, positivity and enthusiasm made us feel welcome and excited, and so at ease. The next hours were a feminine haven, where it was okay to think about yourself, and okay to spoil yourself a little indulging in encouraging and expert advice about what colours worked best for you, and why, and then a fabulous makeover which made me feel a million dollars - all the time easy happy chatting. She is one of those rare people you feel like you have know for years when in fact it’s been only a couple of hours. A lovely happy experience while we were with her, and then you find you are liberated and more confident picking out outfits from your own wardrobe - and maybe branching out a bit....maybe I CAN wear a red dress....and hello to teal, my new favourite colour!

We both bought some make-up. My friend treated herself to lots, and I just bought an eyeshadow - but there was no pressure to buy anything at all. Honestly, the day was a real highlight and so special. A mega treat.

Isobel - Colour Consultation

What can I say apart from Moo is utterly amazing, honestly never felt so confident and comfortable...I honestly felt a million dollars and so confident which I would never of I have always had self confidence issues.

Esther - Bespoke Colour Consultation

"Lovely night. What a great way to re think your wardrobe ... I definitely need a wardrobe thinning out and this has spurred me on" "I loved what I saw and think we all now want you to move in with us all to edit wardrobe, plan outfits, pack suitcases and shop for us !!" "Lovely evening @Amanda with great company. I learned a lot. Dying to get stuck into my wardrobe but equally have itchy feet to run to M & S and buy more clothes! I’m definitely going to buy more colour. "

Seasonal Style Update Workshop

It was exhausting, soul searching, yes, but you made it fun, and oh, the sense of liberation, space AND the thought of shopping sprees to come. 

I was so excited I went into town first thing the following day, colours and style info at the ready and did well, I was confident and sensible, not an adjective often associated to me, the only rather sad thing was I missed the impulse buying, but, on reflection, not the usual returns visit on the following days. 

I have told everyone about your visit in glowing terms. We could all do with one so I told them and wish you every success in this venture. 

You made the detox a fun and illuminating experience and I cannot wait for us to sift though my winter wardrobe. 

Denise - Wardrobe Edit