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Face fashion

Who would have thought that a face mask would be the trend to come out of 2020? Of course these are necessities over and above fashion accessories but how about looking at them from a style personality perspective. Can you spot yourself? Creative - Homemade or from alternative retailers such as Etsy Dramatic - Bold or textured fabric that makes a statement Romantic - Feminine and pretty pattern or plain and sparkly Classic - May have several masks to co-ordinate with different outfits Natural - Plain and disposal so it doesn't require washing City Chic - Plain and understated in a neutral colour

Why knowing your style personality can save you money & make you more confident

I love assessing a client’s style personality. This ensures you express your personality through your clothing - so you feel more ‘you’ and you feel much more confident. At the end of the day I'm in the confidence business, not the retail. Knowing your style personality can also can save you money. It ensures that you don't buy things that sit in your wardrobe rarely warn because you don't feel comfortable in them. So for example, as a fashion victim I may be tempted to buy a Chanel style cropped jacket. As it's 'in' I'll feel happy wearing it one season, but when it's not en vogue any more I won't pull it out to wear as it just doesn't feel like me. That's because I'm a more natural creativ


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