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Red hot. Or not

February is nearly upon us. Gulp. My style column has hit the newstands in the Lancashire Magazine. Please do let me know if you have any red hot tips!

Blue Monday

Today is the ‘bluest’ day of the year when we are supposedly feeling the most low. So obviously I’m dressing accordingly...with orange earrings to cheer everyone up! Orange is the opposite of blue in the colour wheel but not all colourings can take orange...so let’s use red as everyone can wear that in one way or another. My latest monthly article for the Lancashire Magazine runs through red as the colour of love for February. Ahhhh. And here are some other suggestions for how to wear a red that suits you. I put a red lipstick on a ‘light’ colouring last weekend and she couldn’t believe how it worked. She didn’t had never got a red lippie to work on her before. Just find your right shade and


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