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Winter's number one accessory

THE fashion accessory for Winter 20/21 are collars. I think there is nothing that these babies can't do! They work fabulously to update any old jumper/ top/ dress that you already have in your wardrobe. So in a snip you update your look and look uber on trend. They work amazing on zoom as it's all focused on your top half, so you look instantly (and may I say easily) chic (how jealous will everyone else be!). They are also a great way to update your style without breaking the bank. They can help lift the eye too and distract from other parts of your body which you may want to disguise (tum, bottom, thighs) - how magical is that. ANNNNNDDD even more excitingly there are faux fur ones so they keep you warm. Warm, cuddly and stylish (and eek with leopard print). OMG perfect. Is there nothing a collar cannot solve?!

Now let's think about which ones are best for you...we need to bear in mind colour (of course); body shape AND style personality. Remember for each purchase you need to tick these boxes, even for accessories. Oversized, wide, long and pointed, embellished, lace, faux fur; there are lots of options. An absolute dream for Creative, Dramatic and even Romantic style personalities but a bit harder for Natural, Classic and some City Chics - but I think I've found all style personalities some goodies.

Here are a few tips for you to consider:

Triangles (pear shapes): A wide collar will give the illusion of larger shoulders, which will balance out your hips. Inverted Triangles: A long, narrow collar will draw the eye in, giving the illusion of smaller shoulders. Larger Frames: A large collar will balance out your frame. Short Necks: A long, open collar will elongate the neck. Large Bust: An open neckline and floaty collar will complement your figure

As this is a trend and is unlikely to be around forever, the detachable collars are ideal as you can then wear over your favourite sweaters and get lots of wear this season...for what...£15!  And, as it's directly next to your face, choose a colour that is complementary. For many, pure white is too harsh (try soft white) or wash with some water steeped with tea. It's a tip that the Queen's dresser uses - she even used it on the new royal christening gown. And if it's good enough for royalty...

These collars are from my lovely friend Rachel Grounds's SASSY CHIC website. I told her she had to let me know when she put them live as I know they will fly warned! They are so perfect...and really good for presents too. Stock up!

Faux fur dusty pink burgundy leopard bow collar - £20 Faux fur beige leopard bow collar - £20 Scalloped white Peter Pan detachable collar - £15

I like to think we could all channel the fabulous Ruth Bader Ginsburg when wearing these. Ruth herself was rather partial to a 'big collar' and had quite the collection.

Do join my Moo Style VIP Facebook group for lots of style tips and shortcuts. Hope to see you there x


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