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Feeling in the pink or a bit blue?

Colour can influence how you feel, reflect how you feel and how people see you. It’s a great tool to make you look an even better (healthier, more confident, slimmer) version of yourself. Tests have shown that the eye responds positively to harmony and balance. Colours are harmonious when there is an order or balance. It is more pleasing to the human eye when colours are arranged in a logical order or are related to each other in some orderly way.

Now few of us have blue hair or green skin...but balance and harmony is achieved by wearing colours that have the same or similar characteristics as our own colouring. This means the undertone, depth and clarity must be in a similar range. That’s my fun job; to show you how to create balance and harmony between your own colouring and the colours you wear.

But don’t worry you don’t need to remember all the colours. You get a fabulous colour wallet with all your fabric swatches for you to take shopping. Now of course you don’t want to throw out any clothes already in your wardrobe so I’ll also go through how to wear those in the most flattering way. 

So I’m a clear, warm, deep and these photos are me out shopping. Boy it makes life easier - look how many colours  I have to chose from. 42!!

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