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Black is back

love love love. A pop of colour as well as the cool black & white.

I know we normally associate black with winter, but for summer '18 it's THE colour of the season. What slimming, have tons of it in my wardrobe, goes with everything - YES. Be warned though, depending on your colouring you may need to have something closer to your face to flatter your skin tone - so that could be a patterned silk scarf, a necklace (black & white is also in) or a pair of earrings. Don't let that black drain you if it's not one of 'your' colours. But of course everyone can wear every colour it's just HOW you wear it.

A dress is the perfect solution for summer dressing. You look together and you've just thrown it on! It can work with a warmer jacket/cardigan and keep you cool when it's warm. It's stylish and simple. A winner for me. When you see stylish women from warmer climes, they always wear an easy dress.

I love this black dress from Stella & Dot. I dress it down during the day with trainers and with heels in the evening, with a hat at a christening & I know I'll be wearing it with a long sleeve polo t-shirt under it come autumn. You can tell it is designed by a woman as the wrap around is fitted to ensure you don't flash your legs getting out of the car, the tie gives everyone a waist, the 'v' neck flatters a larger bust but ensures a smaller bust isn't revealed, and the sleeves help make your waist look smaller and take attention away from your arms. Heaven in a dress

available in sizes 6-24 with 90 days free returns

You can always add black with bags if you don't want to do the whole shebang. Natural textures are very 'in' as well this season - rattan, rope, raffia. So be on trend two ways with your texture & your colour. Be warned though black shoes can make your legs look have been warned. Nudes are always a great solution or metallics.

be warned this super star bag keeps on selling out - for a reason, it's so good! If it is sold out, please let me know and I can add you to my waiting list.

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